Can a Linux man survive in Windows Land?

My wife is getting a new laptop next week as part of a computer purchasing program at her work. One of the conditions of this program, however, is that the computer must run Microsoft Office which means it must also run Windows.

So, my home is going to be sheltering a Windows Vista laptop, despite my protests. It stirred in me, however, a sense of curiosity. I stopped using Windows back when XP was still pretty new and other than poking at betas, I’ve not used Windows. Even at work, I can use Linux all day. My hacker desire to poke around at everything has been speaking up, and I’ve decided to poke at Windows.

But not Vista. Haven’t you heard!? Vista sucks.

I’m going to give Windows Server 2008 a spin on my personal computer for the next week or so, full time. From what I understand, the separation of admin and user accounts by default as well as more fine-tuned user privileges management make it more secure than XP or Vista. The minimal setup allows me to reclaim CPU cycles that Vista munches on.

So, in the next week or so, I’ll be trying to use my computer and relearn a whole new way of doing things. Just as new Linux users balk at the changes, I’m sure I will, and in the process I hope to learn a little bit more about what I use my computer for, what I depend on and what flexibilities I have.

If anyone has any suggestions for me while I do this, feel free to ask!

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