Kellogg’s Drop Phelps, I Drop Kelloggs…

Below is the letter I will be sending to Kellogg’s company as of this morning…


Dear Reader,

I am writing in response to Kellogg’s decision to drop Michael Phelps as an endorser of Kellogg’s products. I wholeheartedly object to this decision and hopefully will express why this decision will result in my refusal to purchase Kellogg’s products in the future.

Let me first state that I am a former resident of Michigan. As a child, I attended the World Longest Breakfast Table. I recall having my picture taken near a large statue of Tony The Tiger. Especially considering today’s tough economic times, it is not a small gesture that I decide to boycott a brand that I have quite literally know all of my life as a staple of the local economy.

Micheal Phelps is a celebrity endorser. His prowess as a great American athlete was trumpeted from the rooftops as he represented the people of America during the Beijing Olympic Games. While Michale Phelps represented America, it seems the Kellogg has rejected the very principles that America was founded on.

Whether or not Michael Phelps inhaled marijuana is of little concern to me. Personally, I choose not to use marijuana because the effects of this drug make me feel paranoid and out of control. However, I am a firm believer that rational, intelligent people should be free to make their own choices, even if I disagree with them. Micheal Phelps responded to this incident pretending to be ashamed and embarrassed, yet I doubt that is the truth.

In truth, nearly a million Americans are arrested and locked in cages as a result of the so-called “War On Drugs”. The municipal, state and county police forces are quite content using force to put productive, non-violent Americans in jail cells (which are nothing more than glorified cages) because they choose to set fire to, and inhale the smoke of, a plant. Many of these American would purchase Kellogg’s products, even if the weren’t aware they were doing so.

The Founders of this nation said that “all men are endowed by their Creator […] with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When a company is built on the backs of American marketing, processing and patronage, I feel sick to my stomach to know that American businesses reject their customers simply because they choose to inhale cannabis rather than tobacco.

Normally, I consume products from Post and General Mills as well as Kellogg’s. In fact, I generally prefer to grab a coffee and Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts from my local 7-11 before driving to work in the morning. Having read the ABC New article 9 I will make a concerted effort to avoid Kellogg’s products when making my breakfast choices.

I strongly urge Kellogg’s to reconsider it’s position on cannabis consumption. While I understand that Kellogg’s has a strong market aimed at children and young adults, I think it is grossly irresponsible to single out the use of cannabis as more harmful as any other drug. Alcohol is responsible for many more deaths per year than cannabis, yet Kellogg’s makes no concessions for alcohol use by it’s sponsors. I simply ask that Kellogg’s apply the same criteria to all of it’s sponsors. If a sponsor consumes alcoholic beverages, and conducts him or herself in a dignified manor, Kellogg should continue to sponsor them. If a person chooses to smoke cannabis and remain dignified and reasonable, Kellogg should continue to sponsor them. Additionally, should a sober sponsor of Kellogg dishonor the brand, Kellogg should choose to discontinue their affiliation because of the damage to the brand and not the drug. I would wager that Kellogg’s does NOT fire employees who have responsibly consumed alcohol while employed by the company.

I strongly hope that Kellogg’s will regain my patronage by reversing it’s stance on the stigmatization of cannabis use, and choose to re-endorse Michael Phelps as a sponsor.


If you support the responsible use of so-called “hard drugs”, please consider writing your letter of support to:

Kellogg Consumer Affairs
Battle Creek, MI

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